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In order to help students with their studies, Onlinecollegehomeworkhelp.com offers academic support, such as college homework help, while upholding the honour codes of all educational institutions. By using our services, you undertake to utilise them in accordance with the moral and ethical standards of your educational institution. We forbid you from using them for any other purpose. If you use our services in a way that goes against your college or university's code of ethics, your school may take severe punitive or probationary measures.

It is against copyright laws that may apply to your school, college, or university as well as any other company, agency, or organisation that students upload any notes, homework, projects, powerpoints, articles, or other materials that are copyright protected to our website. The student is responsible for reading and confirming before uploading since otherwise; we'll assume that anything they add to our site is free of such infringement.

When you submit a request for help, Onlinecollegehomeworkhelp.com cannot promise that it will be fulfilled in full or that it will be delivered in time to accommodate the demands of every student. Always keep in mind that good teaching requires planning, and this is true even for online tutoring and homework assistance.

There are numerous approaches to solving a lot of science and math problems. Our homework help does not guarantee that the solutions we offer will live up to every professor's standards or expectations. When submitting your request or at the beginning of your online tutoring session, you must let the teacher know if you require a specific approach.

All users of our service will be given a pricing quote for any fresh request. After receiving your pricing quote, you have the choice to accept it by making a payment. When you accept a quote, your credit card or PayPal account will be charged. As soon as the instructor has completed assisting you, the request will be closed. If there are only a few follow-up questions and/or clarifications, there won't be any fees. Our real-time online tutoring sessions are expert and reasonably priced.

You will receive a refund if both you and the tutor decide that one is required. An unbiased third-party arbitrator who is knowledgeable in the subject matter may be consulted if you and the teacher disagree about whether a refund is justified and, if so, to determine how much should be reimbursed. It is your responsibility to send a message to the tutor asking for the work to be stopped and a refund if you are expecting work from one of our tutors and your deadline has passed and you no longer need the teacher's services. If the instructor provides the work prior to the posting of such notice, you will be liable for paying for the work that was completed. You have two months to request a refund after the tutor, and you have finished the specified task for which you paid.

If you accept these Terms, you give us the sole right to utilise all original materials and content from live sessions that we supply to you. These materials and content are the sole property of onlinecollegehomeworkhelp.com. As a result, the information you receive from us is only provided to help you study and may never be seen elsewhere on the internet.

Although we try our best to vet tutors, we cannot guarantee that every student will like working with a tutor. Meeting teachers on our platform is, therefore, fully at your own risk.

If you see any problems with a tutor, you must let us know right once. Although this situation is not our fault, we will make every effort to fix it. Students should enjoy their time at onlinecollegehomeworkhelp.com.