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    Metallurgy Homework Help

    Metallurgy can be defined as the science of elements. This particular branch deals with the physical and chemical behavior of metals. Since metals and their alloys are an integral part of an engineer’s life, it makes sense to study them deeply. Metallurgy deals with the extraction, mining, and designing of items using metals. It is a highly sought after branch across the world.

    About Metallurgy

    Metallurgy is the branch of engineering which involves extraction of metals from Ores i.e. minerals. Metals they occur along with soil, limestone, sand, and rocks are known as minerals. Basically, metallurgy is a purification of metals and to study chemical, physical and atomic characteristics along with the structure of metals, then forming mixtures of metals called as alloys.

    Todays developed the field of metallurgy is the result of development over 6500 years in this field. Firstly gold, silver, and copper came into the picture and then their use for ornaments and other useful items started from the stone age. An example is copper axe developed in 4th century B.C.

    The process of metallurgy firstly involves crushing of minerals by a ball mill or crusher miller which form its fine powder and this process is known as pulverization.

    Then further purification of minerals has to be done which is known as the concentration of ores done by various methods. The hydrolytic method is used where ore is poured over grooved, vibrating sloped table and water is allowed to pass over the surface, the particles of ore they are heavier, remain at the bottom of grooves whereas the impurities on the surface are washed with a jet of water.

    Magnetic separation is the method of separation of non-magnetic particles from magnetic particles by use of the magnetic wheel.

    Froth floatation method where ore is taken along with oil and water in the tank of large capacity, then compressed air is passed through them because of which separation takes place in form of froth. Ore is lighter in nature it comes on the surface leaving behind impurities.

    Roasting and calcination in roasting ore are heated in presence of oxygen generally it is used for sulfide ores. Calcination is a method where heating in done in absence of air for melting of ores, used mostly in case of carbonate or hydrated oxides.

    Alloying is making of a mixture of metals, it offers many advantages like providing better properties than pure metals, to increase strength, increasing corrosion resistance and for reducing cost. For evaluation of microstructure of alloy various microscopic methods are used like optical microscopy with a magnification of 50 to 500X, electron microscopy like scanning electron microscopy with a magnification of 100 to 20000X. Mechanical properties need to be tested are yield stress, elongation, hardness, and toughness.

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