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    Chemistry Homework Help

    Introduction to Chemistry:

    Chemistry is a branch of physical science that lays accentuation on the investigation of the organization, structure, properties, and change of issue. Science is an intriguing science subject which manages the properties of individual iotas, the consolidating of particles to shape atoms and concoction mixes and their collaborations through compound responses to frame diverse substances.

    Online Chemistry Tutors

    Chemistry is a branch of science which deals with the study of atoms, ions, and molecules. It includes physical as well as chemical properties of compounds, the reaction between materials, the behavior of compounds. It talks about various types of chemical bonds which are present such as ionic, hydrogen, and covalent bond.

    Chemistry has its origin from ancient times and people have been making glass and alloys, metal extraction and medicine, removing fats and turning into soaps, perfume industry, fermentation to make beer and vines.

    Alchemy was the first who studied regarding metal and its changing states which were not scientifically proven. Then, Robert Boyle came and give scientifically proven and talked about the concept of mixed bodies. Egyptians know coloring matter, dyes, and metallurgy products. After decades, the concept of conservation of mass came into existence.

    British scientist William Prout gave the idea about atoms as well as their atomic weight. Later on, the concept of inert gases gave a new direction to chemistry. The word chemistry has its origin from alchemy which means the study of chemicals, transition of starting material into the final product.


    • To prepare a medicine or molecule synthetically in laboratories.
    • To find a new lead molecule, its properties, and interactions with other materials.
    • To know about the atom, molecule, and components and bond between those substances.
    • Transition states, half-life, and other chemical kinetics can be calculated based on their chemistry.

    A chemical can have varied phases depending on its physical and chemical properties. Physical properties include density and refractive index. In a chemical when three states that are solid, liquid and gas exist at a single point under controlled temperature and pressure is called a triple point.

    When two substances are mixed, they melt and solidify at the same temperature which is less than their temperature because they tend to decrease the temperature of each other and those mixtures are known as eutectic mixtures.

    It is additionally alluded to in artistic circles as the extension between alternate branches of regular science, for example, material science, science, and topography. You can experience science in regular day to day existence and thus a fundamental comprehension of science is significant.

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    Following are the subjects from chemistry stream where you can get online homework/assignment/tutoring help from us:

    Agricultural Chemistry
    Analytical Chemistry
    Inorganic Chemistry
    Instrumental Analysis
    Organic Chemistry
    Pharmaceutical Chemistry
    Physical Chemistry
    Polymer Chemistry
    Spectroscopy (Spectral Interpretations)

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